Exploring dog friendly wineries in South Africa

There is no better way to unwind than spending a lazy summer weekend on one of the many idyllic wine estates that South Africa has to offer. The only way to possibly enhance this experience is most definitely to be able to share it with your four legged best friends. It is often difficult to find spaces like restaurants that accommodate ones dogs. But look no further. Our team at The Winery has come up with a list of pet friendly wineries that promote fun filled activities for the whole family. Finally, some suggestions on where to take your dogs over the stunning summer weekends…

1. Webersburg

This wine estate is located in stellenbosch and plays host to an array of exciting amenities. They offer a take away option, have outdoor seating, accommodate smokers, offer free Wi-Fi and best of all accommodate dogs. This winery has an intimate aura, accommodating a mere 34 guests. The winery boasts lush green lawns as well as a sparkling open-to-all swimming pool. During winter the winery hosts cozy red wine evenings inspired by their stunning fireplaces. The winery has a traditional Cape Dutch flair with a traditional cellar dating back to 1796.

This winery is perfect for family and those furry friends. It promotes the slow appreciation of the scenic Stellenbosch mountains. Come and enjoy a lazy afternoon over a glass of chilled wine beneath perfectly aged Oak trees whilst your dog explores the lush grounds.

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2. Groot Constantia

Are you a city slicker wanting to stay close to home? Look no further. Groot Constantia offers the best of both worlds, a winery experience based on the foot of Cape Town. This estate offers many dog friendly walks and trails that combine a stunning excursion suitable for footed and pawed family members. The estate has a restaurant that caters for outdoor and indoor occasions, outdoors being perfect for all pooches. The estate also offers interesting winery history boasting with a museum which traces the early winery making process first introduced by Dutch and Portuguese settlers.

Groot Constantia

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3. Belfield

Based in Viljoenshoop this winery flaunts its intimate and quint elegance within the Elgin Valley. They play host to three sweet self catering cottages that are surrounded by ample amounts of flowers and vine sprouting grounds. The winery is know to be central and close to many neighbouring restaurants and wine farms. It also has access to some of the most breath taking hiking trails. This wine farm is particularly ideal for those much needed breath away weekends. Fit and safe for the dogs to play and explore.

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4. Four Paws

It is difficult to imagine this winery to be anything else but fit for fun loving, four pawed energy! The winery is situated on the La Vigne Estate, Robertsvlei Road, Franchhoek. The winery claims to produce wines with pedigree and does not fall short in entertaining animals raised within the same sense! The owners are passionate about animals but favour cats in particular. They claim to infuse their wines with the same grace and elegance one can expect to ooze from any feline. To them, cats embody an appreciation for things that celebrate ones fine senses. This is what the wine farm’s aura is based on. They welcome all canines and celebrate the comfort and enjoyment of their guests and their pets.


Four Paws
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Do you know of any additional wine farms that are pooch friendly? Please let us know and share your experiences with our editors! May your winery experiences be filled with family and dog friendly adventures.

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