The story behind The Winery

To move to Cape Town from the Netherlands and to be able to work alongside a team of talented locals and internationals: That was and is the dream of Sonny Vriends & Marcelle Mudde, the founders of The Winery. Both have gained extensive experience with (online) marketing in the Netherlands. Marcelle worked for brands like ELLE & Glamour Magazine for years. They did however long for a life with no limits. Both of them wanted to grow beyond their comfort zones. South Africa offered them the perfect opportunity to do exactly this. They moved to Cape Town with the mindset of creating something new. During their travels, their love and appreciation for South Africa grew. They decided to make it their mission to find a way through which they could show the world just how splendid South Africa is. Their main focus was to dream as big as possible and to work just as hard to turn these dreams into realities. This mindset became the recipe for success! The Winery was born and it developed as follows…

More to offer than purely wine tastings

Upon arrival, they were exposed to many tips and tricks on how to enjoy Cape Town at its best. They couldn’t escape the hype surrounding wineries that popped up in every conversation. Sonny and Marcelle ventured out and explored the Cape Winelands, unaware that these outings would change their careers completely. They realized that South African wineries have much more to offer than purely wine tastings and scenic venues. Most wine farms have beautiful accommodations or offer game drives, art exhibitions, artisanal chocolate tastings as well as world class restaurants. With these fine ideas in mind, they started brainstorming and created The Winery. Hopefully, this platform will serve as the ideal space where tourists and locals can identify and construct their ideal winery experiences.

A platform that suits your needs 

Finding that perfect winery spot can sometimes prove to be quite difficult. The winery was created to solve this exact problem. It was agreed upon that this platform’s first priority would be to be user-friendly. Whenever you are looking for the perfect spot for a picnic, lunch, dinner or deli, The Winery will gladly guide you!


The sharing of experiences

The Winery prides itself in building a platform that focuses on simplifying your winery experience in Cape Town. We offer all winery lovers an opportunity to review the wineries that they attend, based on their wine, food, service and ambience. This generates a public voice from people all over the world. These ratings will make wineries more accessible, understandable and promotable.

As the journey begins

The founders believe that this is just the beginning. Their first priority is to show the world just how spectacular the South African Winelands can be. If you are as in love with South African wineries as we then turn your winery moments into winery memories with #thewinerysa! Let's share the love of South Africa together! Dream big and travel to the South African Winelands, not to escape life, but for life not to escape you!

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