5x Child friendly wineries in South Africa

Bring the kids! This blog is all about bringing the kids along on your winery trip. Perfect for when you are on a holiday with the whole family. Many South African wineries pride themselves on being family orientated. The following five wineries offer enjoyable activities for the whole family, even the young ones. Let us take you on an adventure in discovering some of the most acclaimed, family orientated and child-friendly wineries that the beautiful tip of Africa has to offer.

1. Boschendal wine farm can be found just before the Pniel turns off to Franschhoek. It is one of the oldest South African wine farms founded in 1685. Boschendal prides itself on its farm to table cooking philosophy. Besides the table style, family friendly lunch and dining experiences one can also book a picnic basket, which can be enjoyed along the estate's grounds. This enables any parent to let the young ones roam around freely and safely. A guarantee that there will be no knocking over of glasses. Boschendal has a summer Splish Splash child area where children can indulge in hours of non-stop fun and entertainment. The Boschendal deli also sells an array of locally farmed, produced and cured products fit for the whole family to enjoy. The surrounding grounds are safe and will serve as the perfect place for a Sunday family break away.

Boschendal Child friendly winery south africa

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2. Fairview cheese and wine farm boast with a perfect combination of aesthetic bliss and surrounding entertainment for all ages. Fairview takes pride in its wide variety of cheeses derived from both cows and goats. On approach, a huge goat house and tower can be seen embodying the Fairview brand. Here guests can greet and pat the infamous Fairview goats, getting a first-hand meeting with the healthy and happy vessels which create the fragrant and rich dairy pillars of the estate. The Fairview shed has an inside and outside entertainment area which is perfect for those unexpected, weather temperaments. The Goatshed restaurant has a special self-select cheese patter option. This is ideal for the whole family as every individual gets to construct their very own cheese platter based on personal preference. The grounds also play host to a stunning deli which opens onto a Khoi fish atrium. The Fairview deli has an amazing range of wine tasting tables, cheese tasting nooks and fully stocked shelves of compotes and locally made preserves. The estate also has a neighboring Alpaca farm which serves as the perfect post-lunch stop for the kids.

Fairview Child Friendly winery South Africa

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3. The Franschhoek Cellar boasts a classic estate which imitates the lavish and indulgent surroundings which make up Franschhoek. The cellars restaurant takes its pride in presenting rustic/farm style food and drink. This elegant venue has a unique set up specifically catering for young children. Their grounds contain a child only play area which also has caretakers on full-time watch. This feature gives parents the freedom to enjoy a classy and elegant brunch whilst their children enjoy a fun, activity-filled, child-friendly area. The cellar offers a unique Belgian chocolate experience suitable for all family members that have a sweet tooth. This venue is perfect for a laid-back family affair as well as a classic wine and cheese soiree.

The Franschhoek Cellar Child Friendly Winery

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4. Babylonstoren is considered the playground for all humans who are passionate about organic living and fresh produce. It is a botanical masterpiece that features hectares of heavily fertile grounds that bear thousands of organic vegetables, fruits and flowers. The estates' silo of accolades is practically bursting at the seams. It plays mother to many different animal species and enamours its guests with its mystical splendour. The estate is perfect for the whole family. It hosts many green mazes and foot ponds. It has two restaurants, one for fine dining and one for light family orientated meals (Green House.)  There is also a separate wine tasting shed that overlooks the Franschhoek Mountains. The estate has animals suitable for petting. They are most welcoming and 100% child-friendly.

Babylonstoren Child Friendly winery in South Africa

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5. Holden Manz wine estate is the perfect combination of traditional meets state of the art when it comes to their estate itself as well as its wine-making routines. The estate prides itself on an authentic approach when it comes to both their foods and wines and wines. One of their many vices is to remain as sustainable and locally dependent as possible. This estate boasts with influences from all around Franschhoek. Holden Manz is known for its phenomenal picnic options accompanied by the transportations of the traditional Franschhoek wine tram. This tram travels back and forth between wine farms and is child-friendly. It boasts of character and drives at a mild speed so that the whole family can enjoy the surrounding splendour that Franschhoek has to offer.

Holden Manz Child Friendly winery in South Africa 

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Whether you are looking to spend quality time or merely enjoy yourself without spoiling the fun for the children, the above-mentioned wineries definitely top our list when it comes to child-friendliness. 

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